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16 years of Experience - Marketing Research Company
ASMARQ Co., Ltd.


For companies who are looking to enter the Japanese market

We are seasoned in quantitative and qualitative research.
Count on us for a hassle-free combination like “online survey” + “focus group interviews”.

ASMARQ Co., Ltd. is chosen for

High-quality Panel

Rigorously selected, purely for survey purposes

High-quality Data

Ensured by systematic & human-powered checks

Agility and Flexibility

Delivers high level of customer satisfaction


※ July, 2017 / The results of the customer satisfaction survey

Marketing Research and field survey

Companies are listening to the demand and wishes of consumers always to deliver best possible products and services to the market. One of the most effective ways to listen to the consumers is marketing research and field survey.

Marketing research and field survey methodologies are diverse, objectifying different themes. At ASMARQ Co., Ltd. we are experienced in the following industries : beverage, food, food supplement, alcohol, paper and pulp, healthcare, fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG), haircare, detergents, skincare, hygiene, baby care, pet care, advertisement & publicity, gaming, digital devices, application, websites, SNS…

ASMARQ Co., Ltd. has experience in diverse range of research methodologies. Please feel free to contact us with your objective and budget and we will propose best possible research plan for you.

Popular research methodologies :

  • online survey
  • home use test
  • central location test (CLT)
  • focus group interview
  • in-depth interview
  • eye-tracking test
  • diary method
  • door-to-door survey
  • postal mail survey