Our Services

Not only do we provide recruitment services, we also provide support in various research methods like online research, group interviews, venue surveys and home-use tests.

  • Proprietary panel members more than 1,000,000
  • Affiliated panel members more than 17million
  • Number of clients more than 1000
  • Annually handled projects more than 6,400

Quantitative researches

Quantitative research is used to gain information regarding the awareness and behavior of the target respondent as numerical data to analyze it statistically. The output of this method are numbers and data and is therefore suitable for the following purposes:Understanding the actual situation of the market / Understanding the whole picture of use, purchase and U&A / Understanding the position in the market / Understanding the possibilities of a concept / Testing hypotheses / Testing effectiveness, etc.

Why they choose us?

  • Various method to research

    Experienced in all the area, the qualitative, quantitative, digital and analog.
  • Perfect suggestion

    We suggest the perfect way and method for your purpose and budget.
  • Rich experience in recruitment

    One of the most diverse recruitment methods in the industry
  • Proven panels

    Monitors of greatest quality, especially for research
  • Readiness and flexibility

    Research it, stress-free, relative and meaningful
Why they choose us?