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Company Introduction

21years of Performance

Establisment in December 2001, Former Company Name: Marsh Co., Ltd.

6offices located in

Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hachinohe, and Nagaoka.

Obtained the national (international) standard for product certification,

”JIS Y20252 (ISO20252) Market Research Services.”

Marketing Research

Annually Handled Projects

More than 6,400

Affiliated Panel Members

More than 17million

Proprietary Panels Members

More than 1,000,000

Number of clients

More than 1000

High Quality

One of the leading marketing research companies in Japan that is publicly traded.

ASMARQ was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market on December 4, 2023.

As a publicly traded company, we place a strong emphasis on quality and strive to provide long-term trust and high-quality output through financial transparency and management stability. Furthermore, with continuous investment in innovation and growth, we have established a structure that allows us to consistently offer cutting-edge research solutions. Through our global business expansion, we aim to meet international quality standards and deliver satisfactory research to customers around the world while maintaining a global perspective.

International Standard for Market Research Services: JIS Y20252 (ISO20252)
Certification, No.1 Applicability in the Industry

An international standard for market research services established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2006. It specializes in the management of service processes for market, public opinion, and social research and ensures compliance with international quality management standards. It is certified through rigorous examinations conducted by external organizations such as JMAQA.

In the field of marketing research, the accuracy of data collection is crucial as it forms the foundation of all research results. ASMARQ has established a data collection system based on the JIS Y20252 (ISO20252) standard, allowing us to deliver high-quality research services.

Number of Projects Applying JIS Y20252 (ISO20252) (Yearly: January to December)
Number of Projects Applying JIS Y20252 (ISO20252) (Yearly: January to December)

Certification Classification P: Quantitative Research Data Collection (WEB Surveys, Central Location Test, Home Use Tests)
Certification Classification Q: Qualitative Research Data Collection (Group Interviews, Depth Interviews, Home Visits)

Obtained the Privacy Mark accreditation, overseeing the seamless execution of more than 3,000 survey projects adhering to the accreditation standards.

The P-Mark (Privacy Mark) is a registered trademark (service mark) that certifies compliance with the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Q 15001 "Personal Information Protection Management System - Requirements." It indicates that an organization has established a system to properly protect personal information.

ASMARQ has operated more than 3,000 survey projects in compliance with this standard. (2022 Monitor Recruitment Achievement)

5 Strengths of ASMARQ

01.Wide Range of Research Solutions

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is a method of gathering numerical data to collect information about a target audience's awareness and behavior levels, which is then statistically analyzed. Representative survey methods include web surveys, Central Location Test, and Home Use Tests. Our company offers comprehensive support for each of these research methods, from survey design to reporting. Furthermore, we can accommodate customized requests tailored to your specific needs and scope of work(sample supply).

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is a method of collecting information primarily through opinions about the awareness and behavior levels of a target audience. Representative survey methods include interview surveys (group interviews and in-depth interviews,home visit), diary surveys, and MROC (Market Research Online Communities). In interview surveys, we excel not only in traditional offline face-to-face interviews but also in online interviews using our proprietary interview tools "i-PORT voice"(Platform dedicated to online interviews) and chat tools "i-PORT chat"(Platform dedicated in chat interviews and can share both videos and photos.)

Similar to quantitative research, we can accommodate customized requests tailored to your specific needs and scope of work in qualitative research.

Other types of research

Our industry-leading network in Japan allows us to flexibly respond to a wide range of non-standardized surveys. We offer services such as "D-Planner," which quantifies human sensibility with AI to conduct creative evaluations of items like packaging, "Design Psychology Surveys," which quantifies human intuition from a design psychology perspective, and "Subject Recruitment Support" tailored to researchers' needs.

02. Recruitment services for survey participants
that we have emphasized since our establishment

ASMARQ is especially skilled at qualitative research compared to other Japanese online research companies. Unlike other companies that have increased the number of respondents through online surveys, ASMARQ is one of the rare ones that started out as a recruiting service to recruit respondents for offline research. Respondent recruitment is indispensable in qualitative research. Even today, we have many qualitative research projects, not only for manufacturing companies, but also for marketing research companies both domestic and overseas.

One of our distinctive features is that, in addition to our core research services, we have also established a unique position in the industry where we often receive inquiries and consultations from other research companies regarding participant recruitment for their surveys. What sets us apart is that ASMARQ handles the recruitment aspect of surveys.

03.Large-Scale & High-Quality Panels

Proprietary Panels Members & Affiliated Panel Members

In addition to our in-house panel (D style web), specifically registered for market research with approximately 1 million participants nationwide, we also collaborate with over 20 domestic partner panels, leading to an ample access to more than 17 million people.

  • Recruitment of panels from over 500 different genres of websites, ensuring a diverse range of attributes.
  • Well-balanced panel composition across gender and age groups.
  • Monitors including foreign residents living in Japan.
  • Ability to conduct both domestic and international research through collaborations with international panels.
Proprietary Panels Members
Affiliated Panel Members

We work with panels of foreign residents in Japan and collaborate with affiliated panel members overseas.

Special Panel

ASMARQ has a special panel with targetted panellists. Classification is based on their registration questionnaire response data. By narrowing down the target to specific attributes before the survey deployment, it is possible to collect the data quickly at low cost. We have a database of past studies that includes the incidence rate. We can use it for survey planning and design, and also for understanding cost aspaects, etc.

Patient & Mobile Carrier (Device) Panel
Patient & Mobile
Carrier (Device) Panel

Panels with information on personal or family illnesses, caregiving situations, smartphone carrier contracts, and devices.

Children, Residence,& Car Panel
Children, Residence,
& Car Panel

Panels with information on the number and ages of children, living situations, and car ownership.

B2B, Tobacco & Digital Equipment Panel
B2B, Tobacco
& Digital Equipment Panel

Panels with information on industry and job situation, smoking habits, and ownership of digital equipment.

04.Survey Operations Managed by Specialized Teams

Global Team

We have a specialized team dedicated to global projects to meet the needs of companies entering Japan or Japanese companies expanding abroad. Our team members have the skills and expertise to conduct research in both outbound and inbound scenarios while taking into account language, customs, and cultural differences. We are equipped to handle various research projects in countries around the world.

Global Team Profile
Team Size
<Inbound Team>
Quantitative/Qualitative Research Team: 4 members
<Outbound Team>
Quantitative Research Team: 2 members
Qualitative Research Team: 3 members
Available Languages English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Nepali, Hindi, French, Malagasy, Italian, Thai
Average Years
Residing in Japan
Approximately 7-8 years
Examples of
Countries of Origin
China, Taiwan, Nepal, Madagascar, Italy, Thailand
Other Team

ASMARQ has instituted a specialized team structure to uphold professionalism and expertise throughout the industry. We also have specialized staff for interview surveys and Central Location Test.

Company Structure
Web Team Responsible for programming through data collection for web surveys.
Participant Recruitment Team Responsible for creating screener for recruiting participants and assigning them on the day of the survey.
Qualitative direction team Responsible for planning, preparation and on-site operations for qualitative research.
CLT Team Responsible for planning, preparation, and on-site operations for Central Location Test.
HUT Team Responsible for planning, preparation, and on-site operations for Home Use Test.
Academic Research Team Responsible for research projects for universities, hospitals, manufacturing research facilities, and similar institutions.
Aggregation Team Responsible for creating various summary tables from complex data, including overall aggregation and cross-tabulation.
Research Solution Team Responsible for survey planning, survey questionnaire creation, and reporting.

05. Our proficiency contributing to the success of conducted surveys.

Speedy Delivery Tailored to Your Needs

ASMARQ has a long leading history in online recruitment, leveraging the know-how accumulated over 21 years of experience. This allows us to achieve efficient operations and not only respond promptly to customer expectations compared to traditional methods but also control costs effectively.

Ability to Make Proposals

In our Global Team, each project is overseen by a dedicated project manager who acts as the initial point of contact and controls all stages of the project. By having a single point of contact dedicated to the project from start to finish, we ensure a safe and smooth progression, even for complex or long-term surveys. Additionally, in case any issues arise, we can promptly initiate recovery measures, minimizing the impact on cost and schedule.

Flexible Survey Support Tailored to Customers' Needs

ASMARQ adjusts our scope of service to align with your specific requirements and provide advice and execution capabilities down to the smallest details of your survey. This responsive and attentive approach is our strength and has earned us the appreciation and recognition of our clients.

We conduct detailed consultations to thoroughly understand your challenges and requirements, providing customized proposals tailored to your needs.
We offer integrated services from surveying to support tasks, allowing you to choose the scope of services that suits your needs and budget, such as recruitment only.
We provide dedicated client support through outsourcing, ensuring swift and effective assistance.
We offer flexible solutions tailored to your needs and propose the best possible solutions.